A young Red who was accused to be like Ivy, but she is timid at times, but knows what's wrong and what's right. She can be reckless, but her desteny lies in her paws and refuses to take Grenda's offer.




Leah's sister. She stays positive about most certain events. Very loyal to her tribe and knows no boundries when it comes to battle.




The mother of Leah and Aqua. She is very portective of her kits. She was one of Lord Link's most trusted guards. She soon meets her fate when fighting Grenda.




One of the Whites who serve as Lilda's Royal Guard. She helped out with the battle of the TwiCats. Her servise to the Gerudo Tribe was strong. She suffered the loss of Lulu, her only surviving kit. She helps Leah cope with the loss of her mother.




One of the Greens and most certainly one on the most trusted fighters. She is Rosemary's sister. She does help Leah and Aqua with their problems, and she's a thinker to most every subject.




Another Green and serves Lady Lilda. She is most known to most cats the Lord's Second Cousin. Salina has anger issues and does count on her tribe mates to help her. She is most skilled to comback.




A fellow Red, later a Green. Manami is one of Sapphire's kits and close friends to Leah and Aqua during their time as kits.




This mean Green use to serve Ganondorf during his rein. Now she hope to get one of the cats to join her, but most of them know of Ganindorf's cuelity. She targets Leah to take her under her paw, but Jun stops her. She killed Jun to achive what she wants, but Rosemary stopped her from having her way, once more. She was thrown in the cell for the murder of Jun and was put to death.